«Learning from each other”

Medical thinking can move forward only if its inspired by progress and ideas from other disciplines. Therefore, to enrich our knowledge on the link between wellbeing, safety and quality in healthcare, this year’s theme is dedicated to learning from each other. We invite ideas, studies, applications, and interventions from a variety of theoretical and scientific backgrounds, to be presented during the meeting, and discover potential synergies.

This years meeting will address four dimensions of linking Health Professional Well Being to Patient Safety and Quality of Care:

  • In-evidence: Studies examining the link between HP well being and patient outcomes
  • In-practice: Programs by different institutions/hospitals targeting HP well being
  • In-policy: Guidelines and brainstorming on how to include the link between HP well being and quality of care in policy making
  • In-education. Examples of how to include HP well being in medical education
  • In- experience: Workshops addressing meeting participants

Preliminary Program

30 October 2024
31 October 2024
1 November 2024
2 November 2024
8:00-9:00 Morning Yoga Morning Yoga
9:00-10:30 WELLMED-YRA
Applied Research Seminar
Keynote WALK & TALK In Mount Pelion Keynote
10:30-10:45 Stretching Stretching
10:45-12:15 Parallel Sessions Parallel Sessions
12:15-12:45 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
12:45-14:15 Parallel Sessions Parallel Sessions WELLMED DRAMA
14:15-15:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
15:30-16:15 Interactive Poster Session Expert Roundtable I Expert Roundtable II
16:15-17:15 Coffee Break Coffee Break
17:15-18:15 Parallel Sessions
18:30-19:15 Welcome address Discovering Greek Wines Celebrating 10 Years of WELLMED
19:15-20:15 Closing ceremony
Welcome reception
Fusion “Glenti” Disco Party

Keynote Speakers

Dr. João Breda,  Head of WHO Athens Quality of Care and Patient Safety Office