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The events of the past two years have left a mark on all of us, while the impact on our physical, and mental health and our relationships is yet to be unraveled. Practicing what we preach, this year, the last day of the conference will be devoted to the WELLMED-retreat. The focus of the retreat will be on relaxation, but also on recalibrating our life, rediscovering how to experience pleasure and fun, and reconnecting with ourselves, the child within, and our family.

The retreat will take place outdoors in the Greek nature. The retreat will consist of the following:

1. Reaching for the Greek Gods:
Embracing a life of possibilities not of limitations

Based on the indisputable fact that age is not a matter of biology, but a matter of perception, this retreat will focus on the psychology of possibilities, and how we can use it to live a happy fulfilling life full of pleasurable experiences. The psychological makeover approach consists of twelve steps, one for each god, and what it stands for that will help participants to disrupt the aging process and regain control of their own happiness. The retreat is addressed to all individuals who are eager to stop focusing on every day limitations and are ready to embrace a life of possibilities.

2. Finding the actor within:-Use drama to avoid drama

Participants will get an opportunity to discover the basic principles of Greek drama and use them to improve their self-awareness, while practicing skills necessary for modern life. The retreat is addressed to individuals with or without any previous experience of theatre, or drama. Through several group activities participants will get to explore new ways of achieving their goals, utilize their emotions to enrich their relationships, and how to have fun while performing mundane every-day tasks.

3. Dancing is for all

We were all born to dance. However, modern life has gradually deprived us of this unique gift of rhythmical movement. Studies have systematically shown the benefits of dancing for physical health, emotional well being and cognitive capacities. During the sessions participants will rediscover dancing as a way of stress-relief, reconnecting with their physical needs, and laugh. The main goal of the sessions is to have fun through all different forms of dancing, and even some invented by the participants themselves.

The Retreat Team

Efharis Panagopoulou, PhD is an Associate Professor of Health Psychology and Health Promotion in the Medical School of Aristotle University in Greece. After completing her doctoral thesis in Leiden University, on how psychology influences the onset of disease, she joined the Medical School in 2002 with a European fellowship aimed at attracting leaders in psychology from abroad. To date, she is a world expert in the field of stress recovery, psychological resilience, and mind-body connection. At her clinical practice, she is mainly working with people dealing with emotional stress, demanding work environments, and disruptive personal relationships. She is the founder of the “psychological makeover” approach focusing on issues concerning disrupting aging, and how do psychological factors affect the ageing process.

In addition, our team also includes a physical wellness expert a culinary specialist, a dance instructor, and a drama therapist.

The retreat is included in the conference fee of all registered participants and accompanying persons. It is also available for non-conference participants at an extra cost. For inquiries please contact the conference secretariat

Μaster Class: Emotional Resilience during/Post-Covid: The images we left behind…



  • Members of our WELLMED network include:

    Individual experts will challenge existing views and audience beliefs, in a topic of their choice, in a non-conventional format.

    Tessa Richards, BMJ Senior Editor - Patient Partneship

    Aneez Esmail, University of Manchester, UK

    Charles Vincent, University of Oxford, UK

    Jane Lemaire, University of Calgary, Canada

    David Bates, Editor Journal of Patient Safety, USA

    Bryan Sexton, Duke University Health System, USA

    Hardeep Singh, Houston VA Health Services, USA

    Ronald M. Epstein,University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

    Kevin Eva,University of British Columbia, Canada, Editor in Chief, Journal of Medical Education

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