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4th International Meeting on Well-Being
and Performance in Clinical Practice.

Pozar Springs- Aridaia Loutraki

In line with the theme of wellbeing, WELLMED 4 will take place in 4 Seasons Hotel and Spa (https://4-epoxes.gr/) in Pozar Springs, a town located 110 km distance from Thessaloniki, in the historic district of Pella, the capital of the Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia. The town is located in at the bottom of an impressive gorge and is considered one of the most beautiful towns of Greece thanks to the rivers that run through it and rush over the cliffs to form two waterfalls. The wild vegetations of the mountain are home for many different species of birds, so bird watching is one of the famous activities in Pozar. Don’t be surprised if something pink in the distance turns out to be flamingos! The Kaimaktsalaln Mountain offers many rocky trails for those who seek adrenaline rush combined with incredible landscapes.

One of the best ways to finish the day filled with both relaxing and exciting activities is by experiencing traditional Greek cuisine. Most of the food prepared in Pozar is cooked with fresh and healthy ingredients from that area. Also, the most famous product here is the local red wine ‘Ksinomavro’ that perfectly complements cuisine.

Μaster Class: Emotional Resilience during/Post-Covid: The images we left behind…



  • Members of our WELLMED network include:

    Individual experts will challenge existing views and audience beliefs, in a topic of their choice, in a non-conventional format.

    Tessa Richards, BMJ Senior Editor - Patient Partneship

    Aneez Esmail, University of Manchester, UK

    Charles Vincent, University of Oxford, UK

    Jane Lemaire, University of Calgary, Canada

    David Bates, Editor Journal of Patient Safety, USA

    Bryan Sexton, Duke University Health System, USA

    Hardeep Singh, Houston VA Health Services, USA

    Ronald M. Epstein,University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

    Kevin Eva,University of British Columbia, Canada, Editor in Chief, Journal of Medical Education

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