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4th International Meeting on Well-Being
and Performance in Clinical Practice.

Walk and talk in the wild

With the help of two experienced hikers we will take a walk in the nearby Black Forest, one of the most beautiful forests in Greece, which owes its name to the density of the trees that allow no sunlight to reach the ground. Tradition has it that Alexander the Great had had timber cut here in order to make the 6m long spear called sarissa,a notorious weapon of the Ancient Greek Macedonian army. It is a beautiful hike to the stream of Kounoupitsa with the spectacular waterfall, combined perfectly with an optional dive in the stunning Pozar thermal springs! We will walk between trees and short vegetation, but as we reach a higher altitude, we will admire the magnificent view of St. Nicholas stream.From this point we start a captivating descent following a verdant path for about 50 minutes until it ends up in the gorge of Ramno Bore, consisting of three main streams, the Isio Pefko (straight pine), the Louta and the stream of Kounoupitsa. And in just 10-15 minutes of hiking alongside the stream, we meet the majestic 12-meter waterfall of Kounoupitsa. There, we will take a break for photos or even a dive in the cold waters. We return following the same route back and once we arrive at Pozar, we can enjoy a thermal bath in the waterfalls or in the outdoor pool 

The walk is gentle suitable for all levels.

Conference Party

Fusion of the traditional Greek glenti with vintage Disco music!

Optional activities in the area

  • Upon request, there is also an option of reservation for a private thermal bath in indoor pools or hammam
  • Hit the trails connecting the thermal springs with Mount Voras (Kaimaktsalan) along the river, go climbing or mountaineering.
  • Run up the wooden staircase and discover the 16 prehistoric caves hidden in the gorge.
  • Go bird watching if you find yourself here in spring. And if you are lucky enough you will spot pink feathers in the distance: it will be flamingos!

Μaster Class: Emotional Resilience during/Post-Covid: The images we left behind…



  • Members of our WELLMED network include:

    Individual experts will challenge existing views and audience beliefs, in a topic of their choice, in a non-conventional format.

    Tessa Richards, BMJ Senior Editor - Patient Partneship

    Aneez Esmail, University of Manchester, UK

    Charles Vincent, University of Oxford, UK

    Jane Lemaire, University of Calgary, Canada

    David Bates, Editor Journal of Patient Safety, USA

    Bryan Sexton, Duke University Health System, USA

    Hardeep Singh, Houston VA Health Services, USA

    Ronald M. Epstein,University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

    Kevin Eva,University of British Columbia, Canada, Editor in Chief, Journal of Medical Education

Please visit our website regularly, for updates on our invited speakers!